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Teton Corporate Services, Inc.
Jackson, Wyoming

Choosing Teton Corporate Services

Why Teton Corporate Services for your Registered Agent?

Teton Corporate Services serves as Registered Agents in Wyoming for corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. We understand that you have numerous choices for a registered agent, and that there may appear to be little difference among the many available registered agent services. However, we are more than a passive registered agent with a physical address in Wyoming. Teton Corporate Services always strives to assist its clients to comply with Wyoming law in keeping current with Secretary of State requirements. Teton Corporate Services provides its clients with a reminder letter each year, approximately two weeks before their annual corporate reports are due with the Secretary of State of Wyoming. In addition, Teton Corporate Services can assist foreign companies (corporations, LLCs or partnerships formed in another state) to become authorized to do business in Wyoming. Finally, because of our association with the law firm of Mullikin, Larson & Swift LLC, Teton Corporate Services is uniquely equipped to handle the needs of any business at any stage, from formation of the corporate entity to complex business transactions.

Teton Corporate Services, Inc.

Office: 155 East Pearl Avenue
Mail: P.O. Box 3345
Jackson, Wyoming 83001-3345
Tel: (307) 733 3923
Fax: (307) 733 3947
Email: tetoncorporateservices@mlslawyers.com

Teton Corporate Services provides Registered Agent services in Wyoming for corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. Since 2003, Teton Corporate Services has assisted companies doing business in Wyoming. Wyoming corporations, LLCs and partnerships; LLCs and partnerships formed in other states ("foriegn corporations," "foriegn LLCs," "foriegn partnerships") are required by Wyoming law to have a Wyoming Registered Agent when doing business in Wyoming.

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